FIBA Referee & International Coaching Clinics

24 September 2017 – Off court action during Merlion Cup, BAS organised a International Tournament Coaching Clinic that was designed and delivered by Dr Koh Koon Teck, FIBA instructor, sports scientist, and practitioner at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. It was supported by Mr Vlade Djurovic, a top level multiple-champion coach who has worked with numerous national and club teams in Europe for more than 25 years. FIBA Referee Clinic was delivered by Japan referee supervisor, Mr Atsuhiro Ueda.

The International Coaching Clinic is the first in Asia that aimed to equip coaches with relevant knowledge and skills required to prepare their teams for high level competitions effectively and efficiently, with the aim to improve team and players’ performance in the long run. Specifically, the clinic was targeted at coaches who worked with national, club, varsity or school teams.

The content of the four-day clinic included the science and art of coaching that underpinned peak performance. For example, theories relating to season planning and preparation, conducting of effective selection trials, building a dynamic team culture, scouting techniques, mental skills, coaching during game, tips on reading game statistics, as well as game review and reflection were delivered in morning sessions. Topics covered in class were reinforced when participant coaches watched the live games in the evenings to bridge the theory-practice link. The participant coaches also had the opportunity to discuss key observations and decisions made by coaches from the competing teams, and receive immediate feedback from both the instructors during or at the half-time of each game.

All participant coaches enjoyed such unique interactions and exchange of coaching ideas to that they believed improved their decision-making skills and broaden their knowledge on games coaching.
Another highlight of the clinic was the opportunity for the participant coaches to sample and observe interesting but effective training methods used in Serbia that improves players’ eye-hand co-ordination, fundamental movements, and decision-making skills. They also witnessed some unique offensive and defensive tactics used in Europe to meet the demands of high-intensity competitive games. Indeed, many participant coaches mentioned that it was an eye-opener for them and such exposure has definitely helped to sharpen their knowledge in competitive coaching.

In total, sixteen coaches who are currently coaching at local or oversea clubs and schools attended the four-day action-packed clinic. The clinic was physically and mentally demanding; for example, considerable time commitment and full participation in class and during games, feedback from the participant coaches on the organisation and execution of the clinic was very positive. Participating Coaches are looking forward to similar high level and authentic tournament coaching clinics to be held alongside the Merlion Cup next year!

The next edition of the Tournament Coaching Clinic will build on the successes of this clinic by providing participant coaches the opportunity to observe pre-game practice sessions of teams that are participating in the Merlion Cup. It will also invite coaches from these participating teams to dialogue with the clinic participants. Such experience will provide them another perspective in game coaching (aside from the instructors), and help clinic participants better understand coaches’ decision-making and thoughts processes to enhance their coaching knowledge.

Please contact BAS at 6743 8425 to register your interest.